Our Mission

Our mission is to make food - of sufficient quantity (calories) and quality (micronutrients)

accessible . understood . valued

Whether we are designing a Garden for a hospital or moulding the trainings for young children, our focus is on producing a lasting solution to hunger which is simple and scalable. 

Our Approach

To ensure the longevity of G2M we knew we had to look at the entire picture - planting a seed is no longer enough. 

Our three pronged approach means that our Food Gardens

  • are resilient to climate change 
  • can be run autonomously by the people they are feeding
  • after an initial set up cost are financially independent 

intelligent agriculture

The 1-hectare Garden is designed as an ecosystem where each plant is beneficial to another. Each plot is designed with integrated pest management, legumes for nitrogen fixation, live mulches and natural diggers to facilitate root development- all of which are edible.

Organic pest control and soil management removes the need for external inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilisers. All crops are grown under a simple gravity fed irrigation system: this increases their yield by 400% when compared to rain fed agriculture and provides more predictability as well as consistency. 



Education runs throughout all the streams of Garden to Mouth to make the link between nutrition, agriculture and market understood and the importance of each valued. Similar to a school curriculum the topics are broken down into units: Food Groups, Soil Management, Nutrition – why do we eat? Etc. The units are then split into theory lessons  and practical sessions that are hands on in the Garden.

The goal is to equip people with the understanding and practical knowledge for them to be in control of their own food security. 



A core component to Garden to Mouth is income generation. This ensures that the plot is, in the short term, economically self-sustaining and, in the long-term, profitable. While the majority of produce improves the staple meal, 20% of the yield is set aside for market.

The market strategy for Garden to Mouth is focused on the sale of raw products for consumption, soil and pest management, as well as added-value products created by simple processes such as solar drying and powdering.

In this way correct nutrition and good economics become part of the same parcel, rather than a choice.


There is no shortage of projects in Malawi but with many working in silos. This is symptomatic of a wider problem - a lack of true collaboration within the sector. 

We believe that through partnerships we can deliver greater impact, allowing each organisation to focus on what they do best.